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Alienated Parent

Alienated Parent
Framework Submission to the Department of Justice, Ireland, Public Consultation regarding Parental Alienation, June 2022
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This paper sets out the contribution made earlier in 2022 by Parental Alienation Europe to the Irish Department of Justice's public consultation in 2022. The submission was completed in collaboration with several authors many of whom work with families navigating parental alienation, have compl..
Parental Alienation and Suicide – A Case for Further Research (Download)
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Brand: Kelsey Green
AbstractParental alienation (PA) is a form of intimate partner violence (IPV) and a form of child abuse. Targeted parents, those who are having their children alienated from them, are at higher risk for mental health impacts such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, (Harman, Kruk, & Hines, 2018). This ..
This study commenced in 2014 and was completed in 2016. It was conducted with ethical consent from the Human Research Ethics Committee at University College Dublin, Ireland utilising the Interpretative Phenomenological Analytic Approach...
Brand: Devyn Mullis
Parental alienation (PA) is the alignment of a child with one parent over their other parent, typically in divorce or post-divorce family contexts. This analytic autoethnography marries personal experience with scientific inquiry and systematic analysis, using family artifacts to document and ex..
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